Abstract Possible


A reader accompanies the exhibition with with collaborations by Ina Blom, Anthony Davies, Stephan Dillemuth, Mathias Faldenbakken, Liam Gillick, Peter Haley, Brian Holmes, Jakob Jakobsen, Sven Lütticken, Nina Möntmann, Mai-Thu Perret, Gerald Raunig, Irit Rogoff, Emily Roysdon, and Meyer Schapiro.

You may find this reader for sale at the Museo Tamayo store in two versions, one of them is a special edition with an intervention on the covers by Mai-Thu Perret.


Some of the texts included may be read in the following links:


Nature of Abstract Art by Meyer Schapiro

Abstract by Liam Gillick

There is no alternative: THE FUTURES IS SELF-ORGANISED by Stephan Dillemuth, Anthony Davies y Jakob Jakobsen

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