Abstract Possible


José León Cerrillo’s original installation of Hotel Edén hosted a performance in collaboration with Sara Lunden. In this video, Cerrillo shares some footage and insight of the performance.

The following vdeo shows a performance that happened as part of the installation Hotel Edén, prior to its presentation as part of the exhibition Abstract Possible: The Tamayo Take.

José León Cerrillo: The installation presented at the Tamayo is basically a structure that defines a volume and what I call a series of blocks, since they are not sculptures, nor paintings, nor drawings. These blocks are filled with holes, and their vacuum defines a word or a shape. In these blocks, the only way to see the word is by looking through their holes. In the gallery, the performance consisted of a series of songs that we wrote based on texts by Wittgenstein. These were “Pop” songs and the texts dealt with the subject of how to speak, or how to think about how to speak about color perception, opacity and projection, always around confusing matters.

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